Best EDM (10 Electro Bangers!) Week 36

by Uncle Flex | 9/3/13

Ready for the best EDM, electro house, and techno the internet has to offer? You’d better be, cuz that’s what you’re getting. Welcome to, where we’ll play it if it’s good, no matter the genre.  Electric Zoo was this weekend, at least part of it. The last day was canceled, sadly, because of two festival goers deaths and a handful of critical hospitalizations. Bitcandy would like to take this moment to remind rave goers to: A. drink lots of water and B. DON’T BUY DRUGS FROM RANDOM PEOPLE AT FESTIVALS. Seriously.

To the music!


3LAU - What I Didn't Play (Electric Zoo 2013)

3LAU never got to his set as Electric Zoo 2013 was cancelled due to several overdoses. Heed our warning in this intro paragraph...and don’t ruin it for everyone else! Here’s what 3LAU was going to play. But this more credence to Deadmau5 post “We All Hit Play.” Hey...can I have 3LAU playing in my living room sans the lights and filter sweeps? Despite this...this is quite a hot set. 


Major Lazer - Bubble Butt (Dada Life Remix)

Bubble Butt” remixes continue to bounce into the blogosphere. Check out Dada Life’s take on the instant classic.


Placebo "Too Many Friends" (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots remix Placebo’s laidback rock hit “Too Many Friends.” The remix keeps the verse and chorus intact, while tweaking the instrumentals, adding hi-hat rolls, whirring bass, and the classical BB attitude. All said and done, it’s not the banger you would expect from the men in the Venom masks, but it’s still a good one.


Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont Feat. Malin - Safe With You (Baskerville Remix)

A few months ago we posted the minor keyed banger “Safe With You.” Baskerville has just released a great remix that is able to keep the darker tone while lightening up the track. By using a lighter, bouncing bass synth instead of the original distorted bass, and by thinning out the overall busyness of the song, including the vocal track, Baskerville has made a remix that greatly compliments the original track while having great style of its own.


Crosstown Rivals - Exits - (Get Famous! ReRock) ***DOWNLOAD***

JNL_Cinemafunk is a supreme electro duo that focuses on making great music instead of creating an image. This remix is no different: using a big French Touch style bass and a distorted high end, JNL_Cinemafunk takes an indie rock track like something from the Strokes and turns it into a banging house groove. It reminds us a lot of all the DFA 1979 remixes out there.


Groove Armada - I See You Baby

Just a little palate cleanser here of this big EDM to bring a 1999 classic from Groove Armada to add to just about any playlist.  BTW...we need some more “real” songs in the EDM genre...stuff that is going to live beyond the current 3 month window of a “hot” track. Any takers? Comment below if you have suggestions. 


Arty - Grand Finale (Lucky Date Remix) [Free Download]

Holy balls, this is a big own. Free download thanks to



Black Diamond” brings dirty to a whole new level. It’s a little ridiculous, but we don’t care because of the trap break towards the end. So sick.


Midnight Conspiracy - Nebula (Preview)

Dark and glitchy dubstep to tweak out on.


Sub Dealers "Mordsee (Funk D'Void's Italo Mix)" SC EDIT

Lovely techno remix from the Barcelona based DJ Funk D’Void. It’s understated groove and softer tones stand out in a current market of laser beam like synths and huge drops.


That’s it for this week! Check back later for more of the top dance songs that the internet has to offer. Have something we should know about? Tell us and you can make a few bucks!!

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